May 31, 2009


This assassin enjoys legendary notoriety in the underworld. He continues to scour the world for foes worthy of the fight to the death he seeks. He has a connection with Chun-Li’s father and, as such, possesses very complex feelings toward her.

Fei Long

This young man has made a big name for himself in the world of Hong Kong cinema. Having trained hard since childhood, there is not a single fighter in Hong Kong that has kung fu skills worthy of being compared to his own. Another Bruce-Lee's avatar in video game.

Street Fighter Sekarat

Penggemar Game Street Fighter tentu senang melihat video ini, apalagi penggemar Ken Masters. Jangan pernah menyerah sebelum bar life jagoanmu habis.

Street Fighter Top 20

Street Fighter sudah menjadi legenda game fighting (dimulai dengan sukses besarnya Street Fighter II), membuat daftar 20 karakter paling top. Mungkin banyak yang tidak sesuai dengan kita, tapi ini ibarat menanyakan seseorang tetang makanan kesukaannya. Jadi paling tidak cukup menyenangkan melihat daftar yang mereka buat.
20) Yun and Yang
19) Sheng Long
18) Dan
17) Deejay
16) Alex
15) Ibuki
14) Dhalsim
13) Sakura
12) Vega
11) E. Honda
10) Guile
9) Akuma
8) Sagat
7) Cammy
6) Ken
5) M. Bison
4) Blanka
3) Zangief
2) Ryu
1) Chun Li

Jackie Chan as Street Fighter

Video lucu dari Jackie Chan sebagai Street Fighter, film Jackie Chan sebagai Ryu si City Hunter

May 27, 2009


This Russian wrestler is popularly known as the “Red Cyclone.” Inside his massive chest beats the heart of a true patriot. He throws himself into another worldwide fight in order to keep a promise he made to a group of doubtful children.


This narcissist values and trusts in beauty above all else. He joined Bison’s organization purely to improve his own aesthetic senses. His extreme speed and beautifully executed move set makes it difficult for opponents to keep their minds on the battle. He has not been heard from since Shadaloo’s collapse.


Also known as “the Invincible Tiger,” Sagat is exalted as the King of Muay Thai. His legendary kicks are said to be the most powerful in the world. A fateful defeat at the hands of Ryu left a broad scar on his chest and drove him to even more intense training.


RyuRyu Continuously polishing the moves he learned from his master Gouken, this solitary street fighter trains tirelessly for his own betterment. His power and nomadic way of life are a big draw to admiring challengers. He seeks the path of the “true warrior,” but his pursuit of this lofty goal has set him squarely in the sights of evil organizations who would seek the same for their own ends.


This portly fighter uses his own unique brand of kung fu. He has declared himself to be America’s greatest fighter, and he has a deep, though decidedly one-sided, rivalry with Ken Masters. He fights to prove that he is indeed better than Ken, but he frequently mistakes other fighters for his supposed rival.

Ken Masters

Scion of the American financial group that bears his name, Ken Masters is also the closest friend of rival Ryu. With a brand-new life on the way to get his and his wife’s family started, he hesitates when invited to climb back into the ring with Ryu. Eventually, with some prodding from Eliza, he decides to take the plunge.

Edmund Honda

This bad boy of the sumo circuit continues to make a name for himself on the world stage. He has attained the rank of Oseki, though he is generally considered good enough to take on the mantle of Yokozuna. He travels the world in an effort to spread sumo’s appeal around the world.


This American Air Force Major has dedicated his life to taking revenge on Bison, the man who killed his best friend, Charlie, so many years ago. His fighting style is a unique blend of military trained martial arts and other moves that he finds useful in combat. When a series of incidents in which Shadaloo’s involvement is suspected come to light, he is quick to partner up with his old friend Chun-Li to get to the bottom of it.

El Fuerte

This fighter divides his time between perfecting his lucha libre skills and his cooking abilities. His indomitable spirit is a match for even the legendary Red Cyclone. He now travels the world in an effort to assemble the greatestrecipes on the planet.


This mystical Indian yogi is reluctant to harm his opponents and is a pacifist at heart. Nevertheless, when his family’s village is threatened, he once again ventures into the world, steeled for combat and ready to teach evil a lesson.

Dan Hibiki

This fighter boasts an impressive set of taunts, but his fighting moves are often half-baked. Though he has trained with Gouken in the past, his moves are based more upon his own unique technique, a style he has dubbed Saikyo.

Crimson Viper

This tough and beautiful agent assumes a businesslike demeanor, seemingly ignoring the pettiness of human emotion and obligation to fellow man in favor of her own goals. She wearsa high-tech suit equipped with an assortment of deadly gadgetry. Her true goals and identity are unknown.


This Interpol detective uses an arsenal of deadly kicks as she scours the world in search of her missing father. She became a detective at the age of 18. She is currently engaged in an investigation with Guile into rumors of Shadaloo’s reemergence.

More about Chun-Li

Chun-Li's movies :


This swift and deadly fighter is a member of a British paramilitary group known as Delta Red. Cammy had been brainwashed by Shadaloo and put to use by that evil organization as nothing more than a living weapon, but she does not let this past hold her back and now fights alongside her comrades on a new and dangerous mission.


Following a harrowing plane crash in his youth, Blanka found himself alone in the Amazonian jungle, struggling to survive and live on his own, granting him extraor-dinary survival skills and a unique set of characteristics. He now fights to earn the love and respect of his mother.

M. Bison

Drug traficking, human experimentation, weapons dealing—no crime was beyond the reach of Bison’s foul Shadaloo organization. He uses his Psycho Power to strike fear into the hearts of those who oppose him and further his own twisted and vile machinations. Thought to have perished in the fall of Shadaloo, Bison garnered a new lease on life via a replacement body and now seeks to usher in a new dark age of terror and intimidation the world over

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