Nov 13, 2008

Forum Nokia Launchpad — Your Fast Track to Success

This is actually an email from nokia for me. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Do you want access to the beta S60 Web Runtime (WRT) plug-in for Aptana before your competitors get a chance to use it? If the answer is Yes, then join Forum Nokia Launchpad today. As a member of Forum Nokia Launchpad, you will receive a wide range of exclusive benefits, including access to alpha and beta SDKs, APIs, platform roadmaps, discounts on devices and technical support, new business opportunities, and more. Forum Nokia Launchpad is designed to accelerate your mobile application development and elevate your business visibility in the mobile world. It's ideally suited for companies that develop applications and services for Nokia platforms and devices. For example, Launchpad members get early and exclusive access to alpha and beta SDKs such as the beta S60 Web Runtime plug-in for Aptana to create, develop, test, preview, and deploy Web Runtime widgets to millions of S60 devices easily, using an environment they are already know. Members can also access market trend reports, such as the Operator Landscape Quarterly Update, to learn about average revenue per user (ARPU), data service ARPU, and subscriber churn by European country and network operator. Whether you need access to alpha and beta SDKs, the latest market intelligence, or discounted devices, Forum Nokia Launchpad has what you need to get a real jump on the competition. Forum Nokia Launchpad is your fast track to success.

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