Nov 10, 2008

Red Pyramid

Red Pyramid is a mobile development company. The company was founded in 2003 in Velikiy Novgorod (Russia). Here is their game list: Backgammon Multiplayer Backgammon Multiplayer is a massively multiplayer online (MMO) game. The application offers you 2 choices: play locally or online. Players can take on the computer or have matches with competitors from all around the world, communicate with fans of this game through chat, earn good ratings and build a reputation among Backgammon's champions. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Golden Solitaire Golden Solitaire - Collection of 5 favorite solitaires: Solitaire, Freecell, Golf, Pyramid and Spider. According to your preference you can change the level of difficulty some of the solitaires allow. The game has detailed statistics and a table of records, where you can compare your results with those of other players. Intuitive navigation makes the game very enjoyable and comfortable. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ HUMMER® Jump and Race HUMMER® Jump and Race is thrilling full 3D mobile game which throws you behind the wheel of one of the most prestigious off-road vehicles known to mankind. Battle with your HUMMER® H2®, H2® SUT or H3™ against two other skilled and highly intelligent CPU drivers. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Blackjack Kings Blackjack Kings is classic in casinos. Its goal is to win as much cash as possible in order to exchange your winning chips for the riches of the richest people on earth, playing at your table. This game has additional capabilities: double down, split and insurance. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Find 7 Wonders Find 7 Wonders is a comparison game. The goal of Find 7 Wonders is to find the differences between the original and the altered version of the picture. You have a certain amount of time for getting through each level. With each following level, finding the differences becomes more difficult and the amount of time decreases. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Red Pyramid Slotmachine Red Pyramid Slotmachine is an interactive slots game with bonus rounds. The goal of Red Pyramid Slotmachine is to win enough coins to buy costly prizes for extravagant lifestyles. The player can choose the number of pay lines and bet lines in order to increase the chances of a winning combination. After each spin, the player can play double or nothing ------------------------------------------------------------------------ This is the developer, Red Pyramid

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